Homeless people were some of the heroes after Manchester Arena bombing

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      Regular readers of this website probably have a more nuanced view of homeless people than the general population.

      That's because Homeless in Vancouver writer Stanley Q. Woodvine's blog posts continually demonstrate his compassion, intelligence, and common sense.

      The people of Manchester are also learning that the homeless have a great deal to offer society.

      In the video clip below, a homeless man explains how he and others like him rushed into the Manchester Arena to help young fans of Ariana Grande after a terrorist bomb went off.

      While others were running away from the stadium, he and his friend ran inside to offer medical assistance, even pulling nails out of children's arms.

      "There was a lot of homeless people that stayed there and helped," the man said.

      In India as well, the poorest residents of Mumbai and other cities have willingly jumped in to help stricken victims after terrorist bombings.