Mister ice cream to serve up special Hong Kong-style milk tea ice cream sandwiched between a Fife Bakery pineapple bun

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      Yaletown’s frozen treat hot spot Mister Ice Cream has attracted many people since its opening last year, including die-hard dessert fans, Instagrammers looking for the perfect liquid nitrogen ice-cream shot, and perhaps most notably, award-winning singer Adele.   

      In celebration of its one year anniversary, Mister has teamed up with local old-school bread connoisseur Fife Bakery to create a signature ice cream bun (which is basically an ice-cream sandwich).

      The special product ($5) features the ice-cream parlour’s newest creation: Hong Kong-style milk tea ice cream sandwiched between an organic pineapple bun from Fife. This concept was created by social media company Teamchomp

      The crispy crust of the bun doesn’t fall apart when you take a bite—which usually happens with classic pineapple buns. If you think the ice-cream flavour evokes the same sweet but slightly bitter taste from a classic cup of HK-style milk tea, it’s because the ingredients are sourced from an authentic Hong Kong cha chaan teng (Hong Kong-style café).

      Sadly, this unique treat will only be available at Mister for a single day on Saturday (June 10) at 1 p.m. If you want a taste of this dream combo, we suggest heading there before the line starts to build up.

      Take a look at the photos below for a sneak peek of the drool-worthy dessert.