The Georgia Straight proudly sponsors FUSE: 2167

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      On June 30, FUSE: 2167 takes over the Vancouver Art Gallery (750 Hornby).

      The art-infused night will create a time-warp environment that will encourage attendees to ponder the present moment from the imagined vantage of 150 years into the future.

      From the steps of Robson Street, local journalists, playwrights, activists, and professors will take to the podium to deliver short presentations from the perspective of 2167, Ireland's the Performance Corporation will unveil satirical peformance The Table, and artists from local theatre company Felix Culpa re-envision creative installation works from a future speculative lens.

      Indigenous sound artist Crystal DJ Kwe Favel spins a four-hour set at the Robson Square ice rink, while audio-visual duo See Monsters presents a visual projection alongside a lively ambient DJ set from the Gallery's rooftop pavilion.

      Shawn Hunt's interactive mask will absorb guests into a holographic augmented-reality experience, mixed-media artist Connie Watts will engage guests in futuristic ritual Stamped or Branded, and theatre company Radix will debut a hybrid arts performance that plunges guests into an experience of human-controlled extreme weather.

      A participatory performance by Rice and Beans ends in one person being led away to an uncertain fate, while Cloud Collective creates Time Capsule, a work that offers attendees the opportunity to upload their hopes, dreams, and fears of/for the distant future into a cloud-based visualization of the audience's collective contributions.

      Tickets to FUSE: 2167 are $24 and are available at the door. However, if you're a Vancouver Art Gallery memeber, you can get in for free.

      For more information, click here.