In a racist rant, mother demands a white doctor for her son at Mississauga clinic

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      In the wake of the election of U.S. president Donald Trump, numerous discriminatory incidents have taken place across Canada, with examples in Vancouver ranging from the distribution of anti-trans pamphlets to a smoke bomb set off at a rally against racism. 

      The latest occurence involved a woman erupting into a racist rant in the waiting room of a walk-in clinic in Mississauga, Ontario. 

      Mississauga resident Hitesh Bhardwaj recorded the woman on June 18 demanding that her son, who was experiencing chest pains, be treated by a white doctor who doesn’t have “brown teeth”, speaks “perfect English”, and was born in Canada. (It is yet to be determined why she would refuse to have her son treated by white doctors born in Australia, Europe, New Zealand, or the U.S. who spoke perfect English. She was unavailable for confirmation if yellow or off-white teeth would suffice.) 

      The woman expressed frustration that there were only “brown” or “Paki” doctors available, which led her to the understandable conclusion that entire country was "horrible" and that because she is “white in this country”, she should just shoot herself. Whether it was due to politeness or fears that she was rabid, onlookers did not point out to her that she had already shot herself in the foot which subsequently ended up in her mouth, although it is unclear if it had always been there from birth or not.

      Her complaints aroused the ire of others in the waiting room, until a woman and others confronted her about her opinions. The interaction prompted the irate woman to ask others to step back because she was in her “personal bubble”. (Whether or not her bubble was popped and deflated by logic has yet to be determined.) 

      According to CBC News, police spoke to all involved and the son was treated at the clinic. However, there’s no word yet on what treatment or remedial education is available for the apoplectic woman or if child and family services were contacted.