Kiss my Canadian ass! Supercut compiles 150 times Hollywood mentioned Canada

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      Do you get all excited and giddy and go "Yee! Yee! Yee!" whenever you hear Canada mentioned in a Hollywood movie? No? Well, you should.

      In a number of recent Hollywood films, Canada has been showing up, often as a paragon of respite from the woes of the world.

      In Logan, persecuted mutants from Mexico and the U.S. are on the run to make it to a sanctuary in Canada called Eden.

      In 12 Years a Slave, Brad Pitt plays a Canadian worker who expresses his opposition to the enslavement of African American workers.

      In World War Z (which also starred Brad Pitt), one of the last places protected on earth from the zombie apocalypse is Canada.

      And in Allied, Brad Pitt played a Royal Canadian Air Force intelligence officer in the Second World War.

      (Hmm, does Brad Pitt want to be a Canadian?)

      In the 2010 Chinese blockbuster Aftershock, an earthquake survivor seeks out solace in a new city. And what city might that be? Vancouver, of course.

      The 2014 Japanese film The Vancouver Asahi hit a home run depicting the local Japanese Canadian baseball team that rose to fame and success prior to the Second World War.

      If you do get a kick out of hearing Canada mentioned in movies, then you'll have a happiness overload with this special video made by Dear Cast and Crew just in time for Canada 150.

      It's a collection of snippets from 150 movies from Hollywood in which Canada gets mentioned.

      Clips range from older films like 1935's The 39 Steps and Man on the Flying Trapeze, 1953's Sailor of the King, and 1957's The One That Got Away to more recent releases like 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine and 2016's Whisky Tango Foxtrot. For the full list of films, visit the Dear Cast and Crew website.

      Some of these films were shot in Vancouver, thanks to our role as Hollywood North.

      As Canada celebrates its 150th birthday on Canada Day (July 1), it's nice to know that we're not completely off the radar.

      Meanwhile, if you want to check out Canadian films in Vancouver during Canada Day week, check out the free Canada on Screen centrepiece program at the Cinematheque.