So far, so good—no disruptions at Cannabis Day in Vancouver

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      On the last two Canada Days, my Twitter stream has been interrupted with unnecessary controversies related to cannabis.

      On July 1, 2016, the Cannabis Day celebration at the Vancouver Art Gallery was disrupted by a fringe group trying to stage a takeover.

      The previous Canada Day, Vancouver police swooped in with their pepper spray and arrested four people at the annual cannabis festival. That sparked an impromptu protest blocking traffic on Howe Street.

      Today, I wondered if this year's event in Thornton Park would go off without a hitch.

      After all, most cannabis activists are peaceful folks. They just want to celebrate their favourite herb and draw attention to the Trudeau government's slow-moving legalization process.

      I'm please to report that so far, there are no signs of any of the troublesome Cannabis Day antics of the past couple of years. Let's hope that common sense prevails (for a change).

      Cannabis Day is off to good start even though the park board was making noises this week about it being illegal to smoke in Thornton Park.

      Everyone in Vancouver knows there are far more serious policing priorities in Vancouver than worrying about whether some people are smoking a bong in front of the Pacific Central Station.

      Even the City of Vancouver acknowledged this when it said Cannabis Day will go ahead even though organizers didn't obtain permits.

      Of course, they couldn't get permits because the park board won't allow puffing of any kind in public parks.