Videos: Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert skewer Donald Trump Jr.

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      Donald Trump Jr.'s latest imbroglio led to some hilarious moments last night on late-night television.

      The Daily Show host Trevor Noah and the Late Show's Stephen Colbert each roasted the U.S. president's son for releasing an email chain that confirms what Trump's critics have been saying for months: the Russian government was colluding with the Trump campaign to defeat Hillary Clinton.

      Whereas Colbert scored points by highlighting potential illegality, Noah was delivering zinger after zinger about the weirdos who surround the Trumps.

      On balance, I'm declaring Noah the winner of last night's match. That's because of his revelations about Rob Goldstone, the bizarre British publicist who acted as a middleman between the Russians and Donald Jr.

      But Colbert had his moments, particularly in the final couple of minutes of his monologue. Colbert also delivered the most memorable line, declaring that Donald Jr. somehow managed to deep-throat himself.

      Check out the videos below and see if you agree with me.

      Video: Trevor Noah pokes fun at Donald Trump for calling his son "a high-quality person".
      Video: Stephen Colbert says Donald Jr. deep-throated himself.