Video: Jay Leno drives the world's "greenest" vehicle, and it's made out of cannabis

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      We hear about a new application for cannabis just about every week, but many are saying it's time we start paying more attention to it's non-euphoric relative, hemp.

      Retired Dell executive Bruce Dietzen did just that before he decided to invest $200,000 in building a sports car made out of the durable plant.

      The body of the car is made from 100 pounds of cannabis hemp. When woven together, hemp can produce a frame lighter than fiberglass, and 10 times stronger than steel. (Leno and Dietzen illustrate that point beautifully by hammering on the hood of the vehicle with their fists in the video below.)

      "The ultimate goal, Jay, is to introduce the world's first carbon negative vehicle, and the key to that, is going back to what Henry Ford advocated for back in 1941, and that's the idea to make everything you possibly can, including your fuels, out of plant materials," he tells Leno.

      The production of the vehicle was entirely carbon neutral; a serious feat when you consider the fact that manufacturing one standard vehicle usually emits 10 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. 

      The vehicle is also able to run on biofuel made from recycled agricultural waste.

      So how much does a car made out of hemp cannabis cost? The suggested retail price of Dietzen's Renew is $40,000 USD. 

      Find out more about the Renew in the video below.