Vancouver father-son team eliminated from Amazing Race Canada's fifth season

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      Vancouver's chances of winning Season 5 of the Amazing Race Canada have been dashed.

      Zed and Shabbir Dhalla fell behind in an episode broadcast on August 1, in which teams traveled to Beijing and Shanghai in China and on to Bangkok, Thailand, where the Vancouver team was eliminated.

      In the previous episode, in which the competitors traveled to Fort McMurray, Alberta, and Nelson and Castlegar, B.C., the Vancouver duo were the top racers, winning them a trip to Chicago.

      However, the experience has deepened the bonds between father and son.

      “Our elimination was an emotional time but it definitely brought us closer together," Zed stated in a news release. "I think it made us have a newfound appreciation for one another.  We’ve become much closer and are now having conversations that we’ve never had before.” 

      Zed and Shabbir Dhalla 

      Shabbir (originally from Katwa, Congo) is a 57-year-old hospitality director, who previously overcome stage-3 colon cancer, while Zed is a 27-year-old healthcare national account manager.

      Previously, another British Columbian team, mother and son Deb and Aaron Barker from Grand Forks, were eliminated in the first episode of this latest season. Thus, all teams from B.C. are gone and the remaining teams are from Edmonton, Collingwood (Ontario), Toronto, and Montreal.

      On the next episode, teams will return to Canada and head to Ottawa, where they'll face a citizenship test.