Lawyer and human-rights activist Adrienne Smith to be B.C. NDP's Pride ambassador

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      While there's so much colour and outrageousness to enjoy at the Vancouver Pride parade on Sunday (August 6), there's much seriousness that underscores the celebration.

      The political struggles that have, are, and will continue to take place are also part of the event.

      The presence (and absence) of politicians in the parade will reflect that.

      Among them will be human-rights activist and lawyer Adrienne Smith, who the B.C. NDP announced today (August 4) will be their newly created position of Pride Ambassador.

      The position was announced on social media with a submission of 100 nominations.

      Trans activist and NDP Pride chair Morgane Oger

      B.C. Premier John Horgan, Vancouver–West End MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert, and B.C. NDP Pride chair Morgane Oger will also be leading their delegation.

      Smith has litigated on behalf of drug users, prisoners in provincial correctional facilities, and transgender people and they have also advocated for trans-inclusion policies and legislation at municipal and provincial levels. They have also developed a training course on being trans inclusive in workplaces.

      “Pride parades are fundamentally important because many members of our community are never safe walking down the street,” Smith stated in a news release. “It is a day for our trans and queer family to actually feel the support of the broader community literally marching with them. It will be great to see our Premier here supporting that, and saying publicly that the model set by the country beneath us is not the one to follow.”