Twitter's Pres. Supervillain takes the words right out of Donald Trump's mouth

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      The clown show that is U.S. politics is more frightening than funny these days, but the way things are going we might not have President Donald J. Trump around to laugh at much longer, so we should get our yuks while we can.

      Our friends below the 49th parallel have never had a president quite like Trump. A self-important blowhard who seems to possess no compassion and whose moral compass seems to be irreparably damaged, Trump has been compared to a comic-book villain by more than one observer

      It's fitting, then, that on her Twitter account Pres. Supervillain, D.M. Higgins (the editor of Superdames Comics) takes Trump's words—from speeches, press conferences, and the president's own tweets—and puts them in the mouth of Marvel Comics villain Red Skull. Created by Joe Simon, Jack Kirby, and France Herron, the character was introduced in the seventh issue of Captain America Comics in 1941. Depicted as a Nazi agent, Red Skull became Cap's arch-nemesis. More recently, Hugo Weaving played the villain in the 2011 movie Captain America: The First Avenger

      Here are some choice tweets from Pres. Supervillain: