Try Quidditch for free this Saturday (August 19)

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      If you’re anything like us, your letter for Hogwarts never arrived. Sure, you might be one of the ever-hopeful superfans born between 1985 and 1998 who never got their invitation to the school because Voldemort’s ministry destroyed all muggle-borns’ records—but that still means no wand-waving or magic bludgers for you quite yet.

      For those still who want to get in on the wizarding world’s favourite sport, however, muggle Quidditch is a great place to start—and the Vipertooths team are offering a chance for people give it a try tomorrow (August 19) at Burnaby's Central Park.

      Muggle Quidditch is much like its magical counterpart without, obviously, any flying. On each team, there are three chasers, whose job is to put the quaffle (volleyball) through one of the three hoops. The keeper defends the hoops, and prevents the other team from scoring. Two beaters throw bludgers (dodgeballs) at opposing players to temporarily knock them out of play.

      The snitch, understandably, is a little more complicated. The little golden ball is transformed in muggle Quidditch into a person dressed in yellow—who wears the snitch itself (a tennis ball in a sock) tucked into the back of their shorts. The snitch can enter and leave the playing area at will, and the two seekers must hunt the snitch runner to try and snatch the golden ball—with full body contact.

      The Vipertooths are a community team—a rarity in the Quidditch community, as most are university affiliated—with a focus on fairplay, laughter, and occasional victories. Self-billed as a collective that relishes in the sport’s confusion and mayhem, the Vipertooths are as much about the post-game eats and drinks as the matches themselves.

      Those keen to give the sport a shot can sign up here. More information about the event can be found here.

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