Local comedy podcast Stop Podcasting Yourself approaches 500th episode milestone

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      Vancouver’s favourite podcast, Stop Podcasting Yourself, is almost 10 years old and will be celebrating its 500th episode milestone this October 16.

      The hosts of SPY, Graham Clark and Dave Shumka, haven’t tinkered much with the free-form format since episode one was released in March 2008. And they have managed to keep the same loveable charm that they began with, which is no easy feat for any production.

      In that time, the duo have featured countless guests such as Alicia Tobin, Charlie Demers, Ivan Decker, Paul F. Tompkins, Jon Dore, Brent Butt, Scott Thompson, and many others.

      Throughout its nine-year run, the show has picked up three Canadian Comedy Awards: two for Best Podcast and one for Best Audio Series, beating out some fine CBC Radio shows, as Clark and Shumka like to point out. Not to mention, they've received some kind words from comedians Brent Butt, Paul F. Tompkins, and "the Onion AV Club".

      I recently went back to where it all started—episode one—and it was fun to hear the birth of segments like "Get to Know Us" and "Overheard". It was also interesting to hear how good both Clark and Shumka were at podcasting from the start, even if they did toss in the occasional self-criticism about the technical aspects of running a podcast. Clark didn’t even own a smartphone yet.

      Aside from the podcast, Clark and Shumka have been busy with other comedy ventures.

      Clark, who is a touring standup comic, has had many one-man shows, most recently Instagraham, Graham Clark’s Not Here, Graham Clark’s Quiz Show (which takes place on September 9 at the Fox Cabaret [2321 Main Street]), and Graham Clark Reads the Phone Book. He also runs a standup comedy room every Monday night called Laugh Gallery, which happens to the right of the art gallery inside Havana Restaurant (1212 Commercial Drive).

      Clark is a headlining comic, but has also opened for many big touring comedians like Dave Chappelle, Patton Oswalt, Bo Burnham, and Maria Bamford.

      Shumka has been busy, too. He produces and appears on various podcasts, has become a father of two, and is a regular contributor for CBC Radio’s This is That, which he co-wrote a book of the same name with. He also survived being shot in the head and is still a fan of mustard.

      Stop Podcasting Yourself, which is the only Canadian podcast hosted on L.A. podcast network Maximum Fun, releases new episodes online every Monday. There is no word on what is in store for the big 500, but if it’s like any of the others, it should be delightful.