Animator Patrick Smith vents his frustrations in "Punch Everyone"

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      These are frustrating times. Crazy-making times, even. Times that make you just want to start punching people indiscriminately.

      DISCLAIMER: The Georgia Straight does not recommend that you start punching people indiscriminately. Even if those people are neo-Nazis and you think they really deserve it. Assault is a crime and it's no way to solve political differences and bridge ideological divides and all that good stuff that all right-thinking people strive for.

      No, you can't and should not go out and inflict violence on anyone. Instead, live vicariously through this video by Patrick Smith. Called "Punch Everyone", the animated short was Smith's submission to the delightfully titled Dumbest Shit I Ever Saw Film Festival. In it, various people are shown receiving blows to the face. And Smith doesn't show any regard for party affiliation or any other such distinction. He's an equal-opportunity puncher, you might say, with his targets including everyone from Bernie Sanders to a Tiki-torch-wielding alt-right type.

      For the record, Smith has issued a disclaimer of his own: 

      The filmmaker rejects bigotry, hatred, and racism in any form. This film is an exercise in immature self expression, and should not be taken literally or as any type of incitement for violence. It's a satirical cartoon, nothing more. Peace.

       You can see more of Smith's work (most of it much less violent) on his YouTube channel. He is probably best-known for his work on PBS Digital Studios' Blank on Blank series, which unearths rare audio of famous people and brings it to life with animation. This site has previously featured the Blank on Blank editions on Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain.