Photos: Images of a solar eclipse in Vancouver

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      Today's solar eclipse had Vancouverites at the ready with cereal boxes and other contraptions to record something they won't get to see again until July 2, 2019, in South America.

      Those who had the proper eclipse glasses were able to see the moon passing over much of the sun just after 10 a.m.

      Below, you can see some of the images floating around over Instagram.

      Eclipse day, August 21 in Vancouver

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      Yay! For Solar Eclipses! #solareclipse2017 #solareclipse #vancouver

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      It feels so strange... how everything is turning grey yet the sky is still sort of blue.

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      Old school viewer . #vancouverbc #solareclipse2017 #solareclipse

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      Day of the Triffids. Not sponsored by Cheerios.๐ŸŒ™#eclipse2017

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      But one of the coolest images wasn't taken from Earth; it was shot from the passenger seat of an aircraft. Check it out below: