Did Ann Coulter put out the dumbest tweet of the year regarding Hurricane Harvey?

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      For people who've been paying attention to climate change, this is the summer when its effects are most obvious.

      A record amount of ground was scorched in British Columbia by forest fires.

      Serious flooding occurred in Montreal, Ottawa, and Kelowna.

      And the most horrific impact has been in Texas, where Hurricane Harvey has dumped a record amount of rainfall on Houston, turning roadways into rivers.

      The storm remained fairly stationary for a while over the Gulf of Mexico. That's because a high-pressure system—causing hot temperatures over much of western North American—prevented it from moving inland.

      Warm waters in the gulf resulted in what was a tropic storm to double in intensity to become Hurricane Harvey.

      "A warmer ocean means more rain," the climate-justice group 350.org explained. "The Gulf of Mexico was anywhere from 2 to 7 degrees hotter [Fahrenheit] than usual before Harvey—well above 80 degrees [Fahrenheit] in total. That means more water evaporated into the storm, and more rain dumped on people on shore."

      But despite all of this, crackpot writer Ann Coulter isn't convinced that climate change has contributed to the fury of the storm.

      The proof comes in one of her recent tweets, which you can see below.

      Coulter has 1.68 million followers on Twitter, including President Donald Trump.

      Trump only follows 45 people or organizations on Twitter—and only 27 if you don't count his family members, his companies, Vice President Mike Pence, and the White House.

      That likely gives Coulter more influence over the president than all of the establishment media combined.