TaiwanFest brings a dash of Paris to north side of the Vancouver Art Gallery

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      One of the joys of being in downtown Vancouver in the summer is seeing how public places come alive during community celebrations.

      This was on display this weekend on the north side of the Vancouver Art Gallery during TaiwanFest.

      The organizers put on an exhibit called Who Am I, which featured eight works of art by Taiwanese masters.

      Curated by TaiwanFest creative director Jessica Sung, it included Sunset in Tamsui by the legendary painter Tan Ting-pho, a.k.a. Chen Cheng-po.

      Sunset in Tamsui by Tan Ting-pho.
      Charlie Smith

      If you look closely to the right of Sunset in Tamsui, you'll see another painting in the distance by Vancouver painter and sculptor Shya-fen Tsai.

      Tsai curated eight paintings, including her own, by local Taiwanese-Canadian artists in a row behind those of the Taiwanese legends.

      She told the Straight that her painting, See You in Paris (see at top), expresses her love for the fashion, unforgettable art, and magnificent landscape of the City of Light.

      And if it makes you think of the late 19th-century artistic genius Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, that isn't coincidence—he's one of Tsai's favourite French painters.