This week in video games, September 12, 2017: Smash Bros event subject of new doc

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      Sorry, can't talk. Playing Destiny 2.

      YouTube series showcases Canada's growing eSports community

      If you've been wondering what the big deal is with eSports, a documentary series produced by Red Bull shines some light on just how big the community has become in Canada.

      The three-episode series, available at Red Bull's eSports YouTube channel, was filmed in Toronto in the days leading up to the annual Get On My Level event, which pits Super Smash Brothers players against each other.

      The first episode features Swedish gamer Leffen, who would go on to win one of the marquee events.

      Episode 2 follows event producer Joe Cribani, known as Toronto Joe, as he prepares for Get On My Level 2017.

      The third episode introduces three Canadian Smash Brothers players who have made headway into the competitive circuit.

      Connor McDavid the top ranked player as NHL 18 releases

      NHL 18 changes things up a bit.

      The hockey sim, developed at EA Vancouver (in Burnaby), introduces more player control to bring creative moves into the game for veteran players.

      Gamers new to the series and more casual fans will love NHL Threes, which brings some fast-paced arcade-style action to the virtual rink.

      In the lead-up to the release of NHL 18 on September 15 (EA Access members can play it now), EA Sports has released the final player ratings that the game will have at launch. Connor McDavid tops the list.

      The Oilers phenom had a score of 93 (out of 100), the same as Sidney Crosby, who was also the first pick in his draft 10 years earlier.

      The Vancouver Canucks do not have any players in the top rankings of the game, but in the game's Franchise Mode, you can work to get McDavid and other top players on your own team.

      NHL 18 is available for PS4 and Xbox One.

      Lego Worlds debuts on Nintendo's Switch

      The sandbox game that lets players create their own incredible worlds with virtual Lego bricks is now available on the Nintendo Switch.

      Available digitally or on disc, Lego Worlds provides you with different environments in which to construct your world, including deserts, rainforests, and volcanoes.

      Lego Worlds supports split-screen cooperative play as well as online multiplayer. It is also available on PS4, Windows, and Xbox One.

      Death of the Outsider a great reason to go back to Dishonored 2

      The Dishonored games from Arkane Studios and Bethesda are fantastic, fully realized adventures set in environments that are eerily similar to ours but strangely different.

      Death of the Outsider is not just downloadable content, either. This is a complete standalone game that does not require you to own Dishonored 2 to purchase and play.

      It features Billie Lurk, played by Rosario Dawson, who was a secondary character in earlier games, an assassin who is on a redemption quest in this one.

      Billie has her own mystical powers that, although similar, work differently than those you've used while playing Corvo or Emily. And while you get to choose your own approach—sly and sneaky or brash and chaotic—the game doesn't track your decisions, so you are liberated from trying to stick to one style or another.

      You're back to Karnaca here, looking to take out the Outsider, a mysterious character that seems to have a great deal of control over what happens in the Empire of the Isles.

      I recommend playing Death of the Outsider, available for PS4, Windows, and Xbox One. In fact, play all the Dishonored games. There's nothing else like them.

      Games released or releasing

      • Knack II for PS4 is now available.
      • NBA Live 18 for PS4 and Xbox One releases on September 15.
      • Metroid: Samus Returns for the Nintendo 2DS and 3DS systems comes out on September 15.