Apple Watch Series 3 gets cellular and is swimproof

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      Apple says its Watch is the number-one watch in the world and that sales are still trending up. 

      The new Apple Watch Series 3 was announced today (September 12). It works over cellular, so you don't need to have your phone with you anymore. 

      You can send and receive calls with just your watch now and, most importantly, you use the same number as your iPhone. 

      The new Apple Watch will support Apple Music, providing you with streaming music and Beats 1 Radio. 

      More fitness features in Series 3

      Where previous Apple Watches have been water-resistant, Series 3 is "swimproof". 

      There's a new Apple Watch workout app, improved features for swimmers, and the ability to sync your biometric data with supported exercise machines.

      The Heart Rate app is easier to use when you're in the middle of activity and will also track and display both resting and recovery heart rates. And if the Watch detects an elevated heart rate and you don't appear to be active, you will get a notification. 

      Apple Watch Series 3 releases in Canada September 22, with orders beginning on September 15. The cellular version will cost $519. Without cellular, it will be priced at $429. The Series 1 Apple Watch gets a price cut and will be $329.