Kate Winslet gushes about Vancouver and Deep Cove's Honey Doughnuts while in Toronto

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      Vancouverites may have more trouble than usual getting their hands on a batch of Honey Doughnuts after their next hike up Quarry Rock in Deep Cove, thanks to some love Kate Winslet recently showed the locally owned biz.

      The actress, who is promoting her film The Mountain Between Us at the Toronto International Film Festival, took the time to talk to reporters on the fete’s red carpet on Sunday (September 10).

      There, she gushed about Vancouver, where The Mountain Between Us was filmed this past winter, and her seemingly undying affection for Honey Doughnuts (4373 Gallant Avenue).

      “I love Vancouver, I was so happy to be there and so sad to leave,” she said. “Really, truly I pine for it.

      “I pine for Honey’s doughnuts in Deep Cove, pine for Honey’s doughnuts in Deep Cove,” she added whilst staring at the camera with the intensity of someone who would have no problem prying one of Honey’s sweet rings from your cold, malnourished hands even if you hadn’t eaten in the past 365 days.

      Winslet, who stars alongside Idris Elba in the B.C.–shot film, also had some kind words to say about Canucks.

      “Canadians are incredible people—the warmth, the sense of humour, you know, the funlike nature that everyone has. And the nature—it’s incredible, wild, wonderful nature. We left thinking, ‘Why are we honestly leaving? It’s so amazing.’ And trying to work out how we could possibly live here at one stage.’ ”

      Winslet’s comments prompted a tweet by Vancouver Mayor Gregor Roberston, welcoming the actress back to the city in the future.

      Honey, meanwhile, mentioned that it was “awesome” to have Winslet stop by.

      Based on the novel of the same name, The Mountain Between Us is described as a romance-disaster film in which a surgeon and photojournalist are left stranded in Utah’s wilderness after surviving a plane crash.

      It was shot throughout the Lower Mainland and in Invermere from December to February, during which some lucky fans spotted Winslet and Elba on location. It’s slated to be released on October 9.