Scream like Goku in front of the Olympic Cauldron this month

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      Whether it’s Frieza, Cell, or Majin Buu, the earth is constantly in danger. And the only way to save it is to… scream. Right?

      If we’ve learned anything from watching Dragon Ball and its spin-offs since 1986, shouting as loud as humanly possible has the power to afford individuals higher and higher power levels. Some have even managed to get over 9000.

      That theory will be put to the test on September 30th, where hundreds are set to gather by the Olympic Cauldron (1055 Canada Place) to scream at the monument. Doing their best Goku impressions, the attendees will attempt to finally make it to Super Saiyan status. Or, you know, if they’ve already conquered that, maybe Super Saiyan 2, 3, God, Blue, or a Fusion form.

      Also at the event with be Goku himself—or at least the man who voices him. Kirby Morrow will be stationed at the Cauldron and is set to hand out personalized autographs for $20, or $10 if you scream.

      Cosplay is encouraged, so don’t forget to don your green body paint for Piccolo, or hit the gym to become Kid Buu. With over 3,000 people already indicating that they’re interested in attending, they’ll be stiff competition to rock the best Gi.

      Just remember it's all a bit of fun, though, and make sure you don't end up looking like this kid.

      Kid Believes He's From Dragonball Z and Tries to Go Super Saiyan

      Scream like Goku in front of the Olympic Cauldron is at Jack Poole Plaza on September 30. The event starts at 2 p.m.