This week in video games, September 18, 2017: Is Destiny 2 best first-person shooter?

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      This week, you'd better make some space on your shelf for all the games that are coming to Nintendo's Switch console, and details on the new minifigs you can play in Lego Dimensions. But first, some thoughts on Destiny 2, which is already sucking up hundreds of hours of your lives.

      Destiny 2 improves on the formula with better narrative

      Destiny 2 may be the best first-person shooter game ever made.

      That's a hyperbolic claim, to be sure, but hear me out.

      I've already admitted to being a fan of this franchise, having already spent a total of weeks playing Destiny, and a couple of dozen hours playing Destiny 2. I'll admit that the game is not for everyone, but even if you aren't into science-fiction space operas, there's no mistaking what Bungie has accomplished here.

      Mechanically, it's even more satisfying than the first game. Whether navigating through the environments or engaging in combat, taking on the guise of a Guardian is a joy. The controls are responsive, the feedback crisp.

      The stunning new locations, including a new bucolic setting on Earth, Saturn's moon Titan, and Jupiter's moon Io, are entirely distinct, the geographies unique, and the crumbling cities—once populated by humanity—shimmering with history.

      These environments are much more spacious than in the first game, too. That gives us more to explore and also changes how we engage in combat.

      The enemies are the same, although some movements and behaviours have been tweaked and it seems to me that the loot drops are more generous.

      Destiny 2 - Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer

      The role-playing elements, from character-upgrade paths to weapon and equipment improvements, have been simplified, as have the currency and token systems.

      Things like fast travel and public-event timers are now built into the game so it's easier to move from place to place to group up with other players.

      There's also a more coherent narrative in Destiny 2, and Bungie has seized the opportunity to better develop the three iconic characters that were role models to the hunters, titans, and warlocks in the first game but who weren't much more than window dressing there.

      So we get more excellent acting from Gina Torres (Ikora Rey), Lance Reddick (Zavala), and Nathan Fillion (Cayde-6), as well as fine performances from the talent who voice a host of new characters that round out the story.

      There's also more game here. In addition to the story missions, the public events, the strikes and raids—the first one was just released last week—there are dozens of side missions that give you more reason to adventure. It's a lot like the first game, but with more context and substance.

      With the combination of solo play, team play, cooperative group play, and competitive modes, Destiny 2 offers something for everyone. With first-rate gameplay and art direction, it's the best first-person shooter yet.

      Destiny 2 is now available on PS4 and Xbox One. The Windows version of the game releases on October 24.

      Powerpuff Girls, Beetlejuice come to Lego Dimensions

      The fall update to Warner Bros.' fun toys-to-life game, Lego Dimensions, has arrived.

      Available are team packs—which include two characters and a vehicle—based on Teen Titans Go! and the Powerpuff Girls.

      There are also fun packs based on the Teen Titans and Powerpuff Girls, as well as Beetlejuice, from the movie starring Michael Keaton as the mischievous ghost.

      Fun packs include a minifigure character and either a vehicle or other prop for the game and new adventure worlds to explore.

      Games are going to flood your Nintendo Switch

      If the number of games you can play on a console is any measure of success, and many economists say it is, Nintendo's Switch is doing just fine.

      In an online event last week, Nintendo listed a number of the games coming to the system in the coming months. They include games developed by Nintendo, likeSuper Mario Odyssey, coming on October 27, and Kirby Star Allies, arriving in the spring.

      But other game publishers are also making Switch games, and the genres are varied.

      Bethesda had already announced The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim would be released on Switch (that happens on November 17), but later this year Bethesda is also bringing Doom to the console, followed by Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus in 2018.

      Ubisoft, meanwhile, hot on the heels of its Mario + Rabbids game, has released the excellent platformer Rayman Legends for the Switch. The definitive edition supports up to four players.

      Rockstar Games' adventure game L.A. Noire , Capcom's action-horror Resident Evil Revelations, and the racing/soccer game Rocket League are also getting Switch editions.

      Switch players can even enjoy sports games like FIFA 18 and NBA 2K18 this fall.

      Games released or releasing

      • Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite for PS4, Windows, and Xbox One from Capcom
      • Pokémon Gold/Silver for Nintendo 2DS and 3DS, are rereleases of the games released in 2000 for the Game Boy Color handheld
      • Pokkén Tournament is the Switch edition of the game originally developed by Bandai Namco for Wii U
      • Project Cars for PS4, Windows, and Xbox One from Bandai Namco
      • XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, the expansion for PS4, Windows, and Xbox One, from 2K Games, brings new factions, new character classes, new threats, and a new enemy in the Chosen