Voting is as easy as following the arrows at Vancouver City Hall

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      Until 8 p.m. today and between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. on Tuesday (October 10), it's really easy to vote in the by-election for a Vancouver council seat and for nine positions on the Vancouver school board.

      All you have to do is show up at Vancouver City Hall.

      If you were on the provincial voters list on May 9, you'll already be registered to vote. And if you're uncertain about that, you can check the city website to find out.

      Once you reach Vancouver City Hall, you'll see signs all over the place pointing you in the direction to the polling area. It's on the first floor of Vancouver City Hall.

      If you've never voted before, don't feel intimidated. There are lots of nice people around who are ready to help.

      They'll explain that you can vote for one member of council and up to nine people running for school trustee.

      You don't have to vote for nine, though. If you like, you don't have to vote for any trustees—or you can vote for any number between one and nine.

      Those who belong to political parties have their affiliations stated on the ballot.

      Voting will also take place on October 14 at polling stations around the city.

      You can see the list here.

      One of the advantages of the advance poll is it's sometimes less crowded. It also means you'll have your Saturday voting day free for other activities—like volunteering to help get your favourite candidates' supporters out to the polls.