Homeless in Vancouver: Face to face with a happy construction site in 600 block of West Broadway

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      Pedestrians in the 600 block of West Broadway may have noticed the white shrink wrap construction rain-screening that is covering most of the east face of the otherwise glass and aluminum-clad eight-storey office building.

      Various holes have been cut into the drum-tight plastic at 686 West Broadway to allow ventilation.

      Most of these holes are simple two-stroke X-cuts.

      However, those with especially keen eyesight will notice that at least two of the holes have been carefully fashioned to look like happy faces.

      It’s been poked full of…wait a minute!
      It’s been poked full of…wait a minute!
      Stanley Q. Woodvine

      The largest and most obvious face is cut into the east face side of the plastic at the level of the sixth storey.

      Funny seeing that there.
      Stanley Q. Woodvine

      The cuts are cleverly and cleanly done and convey an instantly recognizable mirthful expression.

      My new Twitter avatar?
      Stanley Q. Woodvine

      A second face can be seen in the plastic that wraps around onto the north side of the building, at about the level of the fourth storey. This face has big, open-cut eyes and both its nose and smile appear to have been poked into the plastic with a blunt object—perhaps a finger in a construction glove.

      Detail showing a smiley face in the building wrap on the north side of 686.