Bachman-Turner Overdrive founder searched for Stephen King

Hardcore fans of Stephen King are aware that he used the pen name Richard Bachman for a number of his early novels because he was a huge fan of Bachman-Turner Overdrive. But not many BTO fans know that the band's founding guitarist, Randy Bachman, once went looking for King in the horror icon's own backyard.

“I was pretty amazed that he chose that as a pseudonym for his earlier stuff," Bachman told the Straight from his home in Saltspring Island recently. "He also had a [movie] called Maximum Overdrive, and I thought ”˜Holy cow, it’s like he’s trading on the name.' So I tried to meet him a few times. I was up where he lives in Maine, and I went to his little cottage, but he just wasn’t there. I really wanted to put some music in one of his movies."

Hmmm... A big, bearded guy from the Northern prairies shows up on the doorstep of the world's most popular author and wants to have a little chat about a possible collaboration. Sounds like fodder for King's next bestseller.