Belgian writer Thierry Vanroy accuses Femen of being a bunch of whores

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      Not surprisingly, a backlash is developing against Femen, a European feminist group that goes topless to protest oppression against women and the power of the church.

      The organization burst into prominence most recently when the members dressed as nuns, then stripped down to their skivvies to disrupt a Catholic protest in Paris against same-sex marriage.

      The Catholics started attacking the women after they started chanting "In gay we trust".

      Now, Belgian writer Thierry Vanroy, host of the online Eurasia Rising, has accused Femen of being a "bunch of whores" and being "state-sponsored prostitutes"

      Check out his rant below,

      Thierry Vanroy calls Femen state-sponsored prostitutes.

      Europe is going through some strange political convulsions these days, in part because of the economic problems but also because of a right-wing backlash against immigration in several countries. For more on that, check out my review of The Myth of the Muslim Tide by Globe and Mail writer Douglas Saunders.


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      Steve Wagner

      Dec 6, 2012 at 6:45pm

      Isn't it amazing how these Calvinistic twerps trot out the derogatory sexist language ASAP? Does Vanroy refer to Krauts when Germans do things he doesn't like? Or fags when homosexuals do? And how about those k and n words for Jews and Blacks? No doubt they're in his limited arsenal, also, although he realizes that is "politically incorrect" - but somehow calling women whores is alright.

      Martin Dunphy

      Dec 6, 2012 at 8:42pm


      Perhaps you can comfort yourself with the following clip, wherein Michael Palin gives a short, hilarious run-through of derogatory terms for Belgians.