Boston Bruins fans are in no position to talk about the class of the Canucks

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      What is it with those Boston Bruins fans?

      Since the Stanley Cup playoffs began, we've heard tales of them urinating on fans of the Canucks and Montreal Canadiens.

      They sprinkle beer on people's heads who are wearing opposing jerseys.

      They even harass fans in opposing jerseys when they're at the urinal in Boston's arena. It's appalling behaviour.

      Some of these fans are probably the same jerks—or the kids of the same jerks—who nearly rioted in South Boston in the 1970s to protest busing to desegregate their local schools.

      The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1954 that people of African descent should have equal educational opportunities in a landmark ruling called Brown v. Board of Education. Separate schools for black students were unconstitutional. But two decades after that ruling and following the civil-rights movement and the assassination of Martin Luther King, some bigots in Southie still didn't get it.

      Vancouverites could teach some of Boston's most moronic fans a few things about the benefits of diversity. Lesson number one: if someone is wearing a Canucks jersey in your town, they shouldn't have to fear going out in public or being attacked if they're in a taxi.

      These idiotic fans think their boorish conduct is justified because Canuck defender Aaron Rome made a mistake. He delivered a late hit on a Boston forward who had his head down—and Rome paid a heavy price, missing the rest of the Stanley Cup final. He's not dirty—unlike some Boston fans.

      What prompted me to write this? I just read an obnoxious commentary on a Boston sports website called "Being a Bruins Fan: An Open Letter to Luongo & The Canucks".

      The writer, Joe Gill, starts with a nasty swipe at Canuck forward Alex Burrows for allegedly biting Patrice Bergeron's finger. I would like to see how Gill would react if someone shoved a finger in a hockey glove down his throat. Would he open wide and invite the guy to choke him to death?

      Gill's insults continue from there.

      "Your team is filled with cheap shot artists like Aaron Rome, divers like Burrows and Lapierre, paper tiger comedians like the Sedin twins and whiners like your head coach, Alain Vigneault complaining about everything from the ice conditions to Thomas’ playing style to his runny eggs at breakfast," Gill writes.

      Then he moves on to Roberto Luongo. The Canuck goalie merely remarked that he would have stopped the Maxim Lapierre goal that got behind Bruin netminder Tim Thomas in Game 5.

      It was a factual statement by a star backstop who doesn't run outside of his crease, whack players on the shins, and shove the other team's captain onto the ice.

      For Luongo's sin of telling the truth, Gill claims: "Lord Stanley will turn in his grave if Vancouver wins his cup." And, it seems, Bruins fans now "despise" Loungo for his "arrogance and holier than thou attitude".

      "I have no problem losing to the better team, but not to a team that doesn’t display one ounce of class," Gill adds.

      Here's a message to Gill, if you're reading this. Class is not urinating on a person wearing the opposing team's jersey when they're visiting your town and spending tourist dollars boosting your pathetic economy.

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      Craig McDiarmid

      Jun 11, 2011 at 12:20pm

      Loved it. Funny how losing brings out the worst in people. Go, Canucks, go!


      Jun 11, 2011 at 12:47pm

      Charlie Smith has Canook blue lenses on.
      As a opposing fan in Rogers swimming pool and arena I have faced years of abuse and due to my size I haven't gotten 1/2 of what smaller and female fans get.
      Canook fans are as arrogent as Boston fans but deserve more flak for their fairweatherness esp involving Luongo
      Boston fans deserve credit for sticking by their goalie.
      unlike the whiners of this town


      Jun 11, 2011 at 1:09pm

      Funny, that should read Lord Stanley will be hoisting the cup in the very Park named for him....sometime later this week...


      Jun 11, 2011 at 1:29pm

      Your missing the point, I am not a fan of either team and wanted the Vancouver Canucks to win because I am on the East Coast and rivals with Bruins. I have always disliked the bruins and cheered against them and was ready to do so. The Bruins fans are not the team or the players. The team is made up of a collective group from US, Canada, and around the world. The fans have nothing to do with the series besides some pump up support. Hockey is a game that is played tough and hard with usually some respect between the players and respect for the game. As this series progressed ON THE ICE Vancouver has shown time and time again a style with disgusts the hardcore HOCKEY fan with ill advised dives fake injuries and other shenanigans. I can not stand the bruins but at this point when it looks like a god damn soccer game out there every time someone gets touched they fall and lay in agony for three seconds before popping up. Come on its not even working on the refs anymore and its just turning embarassing.

      Candid Canadian

      Jun 11, 2011 at 2:02pm

      For those of us who've attended the game and have experienced drunk behavior from fans, it happens every where, the comment above berating Vancouver fans as whiners, your really in no position to comment regardless of your stature about what Boston fans are representing the City as, I've never seen any write up that shows a Vancouver fan beating or pissing on another fan just because of their Jersey, nor does a Boston Bruin player be denied food at a venue, the pathetic school yard attitude towards guest in their city speaks volumes of the arrogance that is what breads from the core of most American cities, it would be advisable to reign that in a little whilst being a Canadian with an American attitude in BC.... that is something no-one on the West Coast will tolerate, so stop your whining Boston Gill & Mr. Poopnoodle it is inevitable that hatred you've built up for a fellow NHL city will more than likely be like most things involving Karma.... it WILL come back to you problem is it will arrive in a heap at your feet, but then of course then the real whining will begin about how the calls maybe weren't going Boston's way or rather some other sniveling complaint, Boston's in ability to come away with another is clearly due to the lack of talent / skill , ability to see clearly!! Wha wha Boston fans ... Wha Wha Wha carry more tissue's n crappy beer!

      Candid Canadian

      Jun 11, 2011 at 2:11pm

      Are you kidding me about Vancouver beating down the door of integrity of the Game! SERIOUSLY!! IT'S called the STANLEY CUP for a reason, take a look back at every single final Series of the Stanley Cup .... find anything remotely the resemble's what you see more from the likes of Ferrence, Kracji to corner the Vancouver Canucks as being the all time smasher's of the integrity of the game is narrow minded even for those of us who've been watching / playing the game for 35+ years! Their are plenty of calls / complaints to snivel at, every series is the same way, love to see those who do all the complaining & sniveling hit the ice, try out for the Team, show how ... better you are than they at getting you to the final series, your complaints will abruptly cease!

      Joe Gill

      Jun 11, 2011 at 2:52pm

      You are bringing the busing crisis of the 70's into this? What a joke? What does that have to do with anything?

      When did I once trash Vancouver fans beside calling them fair-weather fans for booing their franchise goalie? How can you cheer and twirl your rally towels when he gets pulled. Did you see Luongo's face when the reporter asked if he knew he was booed back in Vancouver after game 4. He said no comment. He looked pretty disgusted.

      Ok I bet every Vancouver fan has never done a damn thing to the opposing team. I do not condone such behavior. There is no room in the world for beating up the opposing fan or pissing on them as you claim.

      Not your city, not your fans but your team is classless.


      Jun 11, 2011 at 3:21pm

      If the refs were not blind to the Bruins blatant slashing, cross checking, etc, maybe the Canucks players would not be tempted to embellish. It is frustrating to watch the lopsided pro Bruins reffing. Game 3 was NHL officiating at its worst. The Canucks lost that game to the refs in the first two periods, and the third period was a wash. The Canucks have adjusted to the Bruins dirty tactics, and the lopsided reffing, and are still ahead in this series 3-2. Bruins fans should be ashamed.

      Gus Cacciotti

      Jun 11, 2011 at 3:22pm

      Alain Vigneault says Aaron Rome's hit on Nathan Horton was a ' hockey play ' and it's part of the game. Nuff said about this classless hockey organization called the Canucks. Lets see now, Vigneault is an ex-Hab, Lapierre (diver extraordinaire) ex-Hab, Higgins ex-Hab, Luongo from Montreal, Burrows too...ya we all see where the classness Canucks got their 'class' from. Just a bunch of cheatin, whinning, coward divers are who the Canucks are...they play the game so 'un Canadian' like.


      Jun 11, 2011 at 3:41pm

      Rude fans are not indigenous to Boston -- ever been to Philadelphia or New York? How about Montreal, where more than a fair share of Canadiens fans actually boo the American national anthem? The a-holes you might have come across don't represent all of us. I don't condone their behavior but don't be so callous as to paint us all with the same brush.

      And please, please, please go back into your blog and erase the word "allegedly" from your description of Alex Burrows' biting incident. There is no "allegedly" about it.

      And there is a difference between having your head down and following the play, which is what Horton was doing. Rome hit him a full second after he released the puck, leaving the ice, driving a shoulder into Horton's head and raising his elbow. Yeah, nothing dirty there.

      I had a lot of respect for the Canucks -- until this series started and I got a chance to see how much of a dirty, diving, whining team they really are. Burrows and LaPierre have spent more time on their backs than half the hookers in Vancouver. There's a reason the majority of players in the NHL do not want to see the Canucks win.

      They may be beloved in British Columbia, but there's not a whole lot of love outside your province.