Brian Burke's wife no longer a CBC host; Toronto beckons?

Anaheim Ducks general manager Brian Burke's wife Jennifer is still listed on the CBC Web site as the host of the Vancouver-based Living Vancouver television show.

However, CBC has posted her position internally. Staff have been told that  Jennifer Burke won't be back for another season on the fluffy lifestyle program, which focuses on food, fashion, and the good life.

That removes one obstacle to her husband Brian taking over as general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

There is no shortage of broadcasters inside the CBC building in Vancouver  who would do a capable job as Jennifer Burke's replacement.

Meanwhile, the Globe and Mail reported this week that "the porch light is still on in Toronto" for Brian Burke.

Anaheim Ducks owner Henry Samueli has pushed Burke to remain in California to serve the final year of his contract. However, the Globe stated that Burke has not signed the contract extension.

This one is a long way from being over...and now might be  a prudent  time to place a bet that both Burkes will be in Toronto before the start of the next hockey season.


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May 31, 2008 at 3:59pm

Isn't it also possible that she's moving to Anaheim to join be with her husband. There are many opportunities in television in southern California, many more than Toronto.