Diesel launches jeans and sweatpants hybrid Jogg Jeans

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      Apparently, for some people, jeans just aren't comfortable enough anymore. Diesel, the international denim label, recently launched Jogg Jeans—pants that look deceivingly like denim, but feel like sweatpants on the inside.

      According to the Diesel website, "laboratory scientist have developed a highly experimental prototype denim-crossbreed between jogging pants and classic Diesel jeans". And in the true spirit of sweatpants, Jogg Jeans also include an elastic waist—perfect for Thanksgiving dinner and buffets, right?

      Unlike its fugly siblings, jeggings and PajamaJeans, Jogg Jeans actually look like jeans on the outside, complete with cuffed hems, distress details, and five pockets.

      Jogg Jeans come in three styles for guys and girls, and prices start at around $195, which in my opinion, is a tad pricey for elastic-waist sweatpant wannabes—but I'm probably not Diesel's target consumer since I have a hard time dropping $100 on real jeans.

      For permanently sweatsuit-clad guys who are ready to make the jump to denim sweats, the men's collection includes a Jogg Jeans denim jacket ($330). The limited edition collection isn’t available in Canadian stores yet (although, word is, they're coming), so you'll have to trek south of the boarder to pick up a pair right now.

      Would you wear Jogg Jeans?

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