Digitized maps reveal Vancouver’s lost streams

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      Did you know that water from East Vancouver’s Trout Lake used to flow above-ground to False Creek?

      The water travelled down China Creek, one of Vancouver’s lost streams.

      Using 1970s paper maps from the Vancouver Aquarium, the UBC Lhibrary has put out a digitized record of where China Creek, Brewery Creek, Vivian Creek, and other vanished waterways once flowed before they were buried by development.

      The digital maps also show how far back Vancouver’s shoreline used to be, before settlers’ reclamation efforts.

      You can view the old streams on a Google map and a PDF.

      Doing so, it’s hard to not think about how great it would be to have streams running through the city once more.

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      Jun 14, 2013 at 6:56pm

      FYI the Google Map link does not work