Don't touch that downed wire

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      Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services says today's snowfall has brought down "multiple" electrical wires in the city.

      What should you do if you spot a downed power line? Don't touch it obviously.

      Beyond that, the fire department has some tips:

      If you come across a downed line, please contact 911 and keep 10 metres away from the downed wire.

      If your vehicle makes contact with an energized line, stay inside until help arrives.

      If you are not injured and can safely drive the vehicle without increasing the hazard, drive at least 10 metres or 33 feet clear of the wire. Exiting the vehicle should be a last resort.

      If you must get out of the vehicle due to an emergency such as a fire, jump out with your feet together. Do not contact the vehicle and the ground at the same time with any part of your body or clothing.

      Whatever you do, don't head for the new Port Mann Bridge. It's closed due to falling ice.