Dude recreates Gary Moore's "Parisienne Walkways" guitar solo with his voice

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      So I was just checking my @earofnewt twitter feed, and in comes a tweet from Jonah Rocks, that wee drum virtuoso who makes all those cool YouTube videos of himself slammin' the skins to various rock tunes.

      The little rascal--or maybe his dad--has sent a tweet to local pop-rock greats the Odds that reads: "When @MurrayAtkinson is sick you can get this guy", and it includes a link to the above clip of some dude named Michaël Grégorio performing part of Gary Moore's wicked guitar solo from "Parisienne Walkways"--with his voice!

      I've always loved that tune--it was cowritten by Thin Lizzy's Phil Lynott, so what's not to love--but never expected to hear its solo recreated like this. I wonder if Gibson Guitars tried to keep this guy under wraps, lest their sales of Les Pauls plummet. Probly not. And besides, his vibrato won't exactly put B.B. King out of business.

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