Greenpeace goes after Clover Leaf Seafoods over "unsustainable" tuna

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      Early this morning (December 5), Greenpeace Canada activists erected these billboards near the HQ of Clover Leaf Seafoods in Markham, Ontario. You know Clover Leaf; it's that brand of canned tuna you see in almost every supermarket in Canada.

      Anyways, the environmental group is launching a nationwide campaign targeting the tuna company, claiming it sources from fisheries with "destructive" practices that also kill sharks, rays, seabirds, and sea turtles. Greenpeace is urging Clover Leaf to stop selling red-listed yellowfin tuna, source from more sustainable fisheries, and avoid procuring fish from proposed marine reserves.

      Clover Leaf placed ninth in Greenpeace's 2012 sustainability ranking of 14 canned tuna brands in Canada. On its website, the company responds to the "low score" by noting that it helped found the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation and by attacking Greenpeace as a group that "does not employ scientists".

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      Dave GreenEye

      Dec 6, 2012 at 9:42am

      Why the quotation mark in the title? Their tuna is indeed unsustainable.