With help of Yes Men, BP imposters create chaos at news conference

The Yes Men were behind another hilarious spoof this week highlighting corporate and government malfeasance.

At the "Gulf Coast Leadership Summit" in New Orleans yesterday, a representative of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services declared a ban on toxic dispersants.

The government official also promised free health care for the victims of last year's oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Then a BP official said his company would pay $525 million to establish 35 clinics in the region.

"The oil has vanished from sight, but something else is becoming visible: respiratory infections, kidney damage, liver psoriasis, neurological damage, chemical pneumonitis, and defatting of the skin," the official admitted. "Those effects are all due to the dispersant we used, Corexit, and are part of the reason Corexit is banned in the United Kingdom. Here in the U.S., it’s legal, and so we used it....Am I proud of that? Of course not."

Chaos ensued when another man burst into the room, claiming the BP official was an imposter. The reporters didn't know who to believe.

The participants were all members of the activist Louisiana Bucket Brigade. With the support of the Yes Lab, which is a project of the Yes Men, the LBB launched the stunt to attract attention to the problem of dispersents and the lack of action by BP .

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