Johnny Depp joins Aerosmith on guitar at the Hollywood Bowl

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      Not content to merely play a pirate inspired by Keith Richards after a few shots, Johnny Depp actually likes to become a rocker once in a while.

      Like two nights ago, when he joined Aerosmith on stage at the Hollywood Bowl, as you can see in this fan-shot footage.

      Between the stalwart rhythm work of Brad Whitford and the wailing leads of Joe Perry it's a little hard to make out Depp's contribution, but he does pull off some pretty nifty, Perry-style licks at the 2:08 mark, and then again near the end of the tune. Not sure about the colour of that Les Paul he's using, though.

      Depp also sang backup on one track on the upcoming Aerosmith album, Music From Another Dimension, but we're not totally sure about that, either, what with its outside-the-band cowrites and such.

      Local Aerosmith freaks should keep in mind that it's playing tonight (August 8) at the Tacoma Dome--with guests Cheap Trick--and the last time the group played in Vancouver it was most impressive. No word yet on whether Depp has become a permanent guest on the tour, but I bet he'd be a riot backstage doing that Richards schtick with a bottle of JD in hand.

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      Aug 8, 2012 at 4:42pm

      Actually i believe Depp is playing the Joe Perry signature edition Les Paul guitar designed by Joe. It is a particularly putrid shade of yellow/green with tiger stripes. Probably not Gibson's biggest seller.

      Steve Newton

      Aug 8, 2012 at 4:45pm

      Putrid--that's the word I was lookin' for. Thanks danno. And don't forget to book 'em.