Karam Sandhu says goodbye to glasses

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      One of our Georgia Straight colleagues decided to do something dramatic over the holidays.

      Karam Sandhu, who works in the accounting department, underwent laser surgery on his eyes.

      "It was less than 15 minutes for both eyes," he says. "It was a pretty fast procedure."

      I noticed something different when Karam showed up for work on December 27 without his usual spectacles.

      Known as PRK, photorefractive keratectomy was pioneered in 1987 by Dr. Theo Seiler in Berlin.

      He says his PRK surgery procedure began with his eyes being held open and then being numbed. Sandhu remained awake throughout the procedure and he reports that the only discomfort came from not being able to blink.

      During the surgery, Sandhu's corneal epithelium was removed.

      For the first three days, he was overly sensitive to light, and remained in his bedroom wearing sunglasses. Eventually, however, he could function normally without any problems.

      "My vision is a little blurry," he says. "But within two or three weeks, it should be fine."

      Below, you can see a YouTube video of a PRK operation performed several years ago.

      Here's what PRK surgery looks like up close.


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