Marc Emery: U.S. federal prison blog #23

(Marc Emery's U.S. federal prison blog #23 originally ran here on the Cannabis Culture website on January 10, 2011.)

Dear Jodie,

The censorship of my mail here at D. Ray James is continuing to outrage me. So far I am aware of;

* 36 letters returned
* An 8 x 10 Christmas card (hand made)
* An electoral map of the Nov. 2 elections
* A US atlas seized
* 75 years of DC comics hardcover denied because its size constitutes a security risk. (it's 12x24x2 and $125)
*Over 100 books denied that have been sent to me
* Numerous magazines returned to sender

For me to receive any books of any kind at all I have to mail out an equivalent number. To receive 5 books I have to send out 5 books to somewhere. Currently I am mailing them to Loretta in Alabama because postal rates to send them within the US are cheaper than to Canada.

US citizens in federal prisons do not have to experience this discrimination. Additionally, US citizens in US federal prisons all have email access to up to 30 correspondents for hours a day. But not for Canadians in a US fed prison. Even the paltry 300 minutes a month of phone access - and there is no reason why D Ray James limits us to 300 minutes - is erratic, as this facility can cancel phone access at any time as they did to me Dec. 22 - 27. Some Canadians here have not been able to make a call out for 13 days now, from Dec. 22 to Jan. 4, like Trevor Lubbers from Vancouver and the Canadians from Montreal, New Westminster, Vancouver, still have no phone access as the computer here which controls our phone access just mysteriously cancels our phone access. This happened exclusively to Canadians.

All newspaper clippings get taken out of my mail. Photocopies of newspaper articles get removed. Even a copy of an email sent to D Ray James protesting their tampering with my mail was removed from a letter from Catherine Leach to me! In none of these instances of refused letters, books returned (dozens) books denied me (about 100), Christmas cards rejected, newspaper clippings, was I given any notification as is required by D Ray James and BOP policy and procedure. Most importantly all this mail room behaviour violates Bureau of Prisons policy and procedure. But, the mail room, like everything else about this place, runs not on any established BOP policy but arbitrarily whims made up on the occasion. So, it's MADDENING!

I will consult with lawyer Kirk Tousaw when he visits next week about taking legal action against this place. It routinely violates my civil rights whether it's interference in every aspect of my mail, or in the blatant discrimination that goes on against Canadians in the US Federal prison system. The sign in the intake hall specifies that the US Federal prison system does not discriminate on the basis of national origin! My chart (published below) shows Canadians are to receive nothing here at D Ray James that an American inmate routinely receives at an American 'low security' federal prison - email, exercise equipment, courses and classes in skilled trades, word processors, proper reading library and law library, outdoor visitation areas...

When BC MLA Guy Gentner visited me for 4 hours on Sunday Jan. 2, I emphasized that these private prisons, this one run by GEO, which receives $2,400,000,000 from the US Federal govt. In 2010 for prison services; I emphasized that private prisons do not adhere to or operate under any fidelity to Bureau of Prisons policies and procedures. Secondly, the prisons are about warehousing humans using the least possible monetary expenditures. A huge percentage of money the taxpayer gives over to GEO goes right into the pockets of the shareholders and executives. Almost nothing is spent on services or rehabilitation for the inmates, unlike a government-run US Federal prison.

After being moved from SeaTac FDC on Oct. 27 or thereabouts a full 70 days ago, my property (books, photographs, food, notes, batteries, book light etc...) still has not been delivered to me here at D Ray James. I am satisfied at least that word about these concentration camps for foreigners and Canadians handed over to the US by our compliant Canadian government are getting some small amount of attention. No Canadian should ever be extradited to the US while Canadians get shockingly less opportunities, facilities and access to communications as compared to US citizens in a US Federal prison.

Conrad Black wrote articulately about the prison he was at, Coleman FCI. Yet Coleman is the Hilton of prisons compared to here. Coleman had email, exercise equipment, outdoor visitation areas, extensive courses (Mr. Black taught creative writing) yet Mr. Black is not an American in an American only federal correctional institution.

Americans in Canadian federal prison are treated identical to Canadians in Canadian federal prison. If Americans are going to be putting Canadians in the ghetto facilities based on our nationality, our government should insist on parity; Canadians should have the same access to services that any Americans would get in a low security federal prison.

Compare Lompac FCI or Terminal Island FCI with D Ray James. All are considered low security yet the differences are staggering. Terminal Island has numerous skill trade courses, email, exercise equipment. Lompac has the same 1-2 man cells (unlike my 64 man dorm) outdoor visitation areas. In fact, I qualify to be in a minimum security camp, but because I am Canadian I am denied any opportunity to serve my sentence in a minimum security camp, which are used exclusively for US citizens. D Ray James is run like a medium-high security prison, even though all inmates here are non-violent offenders.

If anyone has suggestions I'd welcome them. Of course, there's little assurance I'll get your letter responses if people do write with their suggestions. I will be meeting with my Canadian lawyer and a Georgia lawyer from NORML, Richard Mallory Barnes in the next few weeks to explore my legal options; But this censorship and frugal access to communication in this private prison is frustrating. My treaty transfer paperwork is due in DC by Friday. Jan 21. Only 16 days away.

I need all Americans and Canadians to send letters on my behalf to the DOJ urging my transfer into the Canadian Correctional System. Getting US elected officials to write the DOJ recommending my transfer is especially valuable in aiding my successful transfer.

Trying to keep positive in the US Gulag,


PS. I cannot understand why Mr. Black, a non-US citizen was not put in one of these, shoddy, cut-rate prisons for foreigners. Mr. BlacK is a citizen of the UK I believe, having given up his Canadian citizenship.




Jan 11, 2011 at 12:58pm

Does this gentleman ever stop the whining? 75 years of DC comics, he belongs in one and not as action hero; more as a buffoon. Up until I read his blogs I used to think the stories that MJ affects your brain was hogwash, now I am not so sure.


Jan 11, 2011 at 6:55pm

Concentration camps?? Come on dude, get real. You obviously have no sympathy for anyone who actually spent time in a concentration camp. Either that or you are just full of yourself. As for suggestions, I have one - please be quiet.


Jan 12, 2011 at 6:23am

Mr Emery, if you don't like the conditions in prison, perhaps you shouldn't have broken the law.


Jan 12, 2011 at 8:48am

Its some of Marks so called whining that has help changed some of our stupid Canadian laws.
What do you suggest? do what ever the government tells you even if its wrong.
At least the guys got enough balls to speak up.


Jan 12, 2011 at 10:24am

wylie please take the time to tell us exactly which laws mr emery has helped change....


Jan 12, 2011 at 11:34am

Could shop on Sundays.
Lord’s Day Act in 1906.6 This law prohibited a number of activities on Sundays:
selling or purchasing goods or real estate; carrying out any work, business or labour for gain or employing a person to do
so; engaging in any public game or contest for gain; providing or attending “any performance or public meeting, other than
in a church, at which any fee is charged, directly or indirectly”; conveying passengers for hire if such travel was related to
amusement or pleasure; advertising any performance or other prohibited activity; using a firearm for gain “or in such a
manner or in such places as to disturb other persons in attendance at public worship or in the observance of that day”;

He also fought the censorship laws in Canada.
There was a time when all printed material in Canada was censored, thus allot of printed material was illegal in Canada.
Mark changed that.


Jan 12, 2011 at 1:16pm

I don't know why I check on this dork from time to time but I think it is the giggle I get from his travails. Then there are the fantasies of the commenters like Wylie there. Its so hilarious. Next will be the founding of Greenpeace by Emery. Ha, and I thought the comedy channel was funny....


Jan 12, 2011 at 3:01pm

There was a Marc Emery that owned a book store in London,Ontario that fought the Sunday shopping law also the censorship laws.
Is this not the same Marc Emery?


Jan 12, 2011 at 5:36pm

it is wylie and you win a free bag of seeds...guess what type they are and we'll throw in a nice bong

Stephen Blumstein

Jan 13, 2011 at 12:41pm

AveragEverydayJoe, blah,blah,Beelzebub:

From your handle Beelzebub, I know where you're coming from. Aren't you tired of watching the Exorcist ! and 2, or Poltergeist ? Doesn't it get boring to be the archangel of death ? Get a real job,will ya ? Oh, and Mr. average, he didn't break any Canadian law, only a stupid American one designed to appease public sentiment about the "war" on drugs. Let's face it, war is profitable, peace isn't. Right blah, blah ? You exercised your right to free speech, and Marc Emory will never, ever stay silent just because some right wing windbag tells him to. Get an education. Study some political; economics and read the research about the country with the highest imprisonment rate in the world, the good old U.S.of A.

By the way, Emory's arrest, detention, and subsequent imprisonment by American federal authorities only serves to accentuate the outright ignorance of neocon/neolib crime control policies based on the war on W.H.Y. (pick a topic: terror,al qaeda, drugs, Canadians, immigrants, democrats, junk food, or underage tanning). If these privatized dick prison warehousers ever read a book on Friedmanomics, they'd realize that free trade should also apply to seeds, bongs, cocaine, marijuana, and heroine for the anaestitized masses, so that they don't pose an anarchist threat. Unfortunately, what do you expect from crime control dickheads ? Common sense ? Rave and complain on Marc, we're all cheering for you in Vancouver,B.C.

We, the anarchists in Vancouver, took a bus to the Fraser Correctional Institute on New Years' eve to raise hell against the corporatist social control machine that is the C.J.S. in Canada. Maybe we'll be bringing our anti-State message to a prison near you,soon. Depends on what I read here. Bye, bye.