North to Alaska with Harold Munro and Kevin Bent

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      Is Harold Munro the next editor of the Vancouver Sun?

      Or is he merely going on "the trip of the century" with publisher Kevin Bent because they're such good buds?

      This weekend, I was amused to see a full-page ad in the daily broadsheet shilling a seven-night Alaskan cruise in September with Bent and members of the office typing pool (i.e. Pete McMartin, Shelley Fralic, Vaughn Palmer, etc.).

      The ad has appeared nearly five months after the former editor, Patricia Graham, was kicked upstairs to become the vice president of digital at Pacific Newspaper Group.

      Graham's potential right-wing successors, Fazil Mihlar and Harvey Enchin, and national-affairs columnist Barbara Yaffe aren't featured in the lineup of cruising celebrities. So if you're betting on any of them to replace Graham, you might be out of luck.

      Then again, given the recent history of the Costa Concordia, perhaps they felt it was more prudent to remain in the office.

      Warning: no ageist wisecracks will be permitted in our comment section about the Sun team playing shuffleboard on some sort of Poseidon adventure while the mother ship is sinking at home. Shelley Fralic bears no resemblance whatsoever to Shelley Winters.

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      There Goes The 'Hood!

      Mar 19, 2012 at 10:47pm

      Ha! You're no spring chicken yourself, Smith!

      All three of these gents mentioned have strengths and weaknesses. But I wonder if any of them would go mano-a-mano against their own uber publisher of Post Media, Paul Godfrey.

      Godfrey is also the Chair of the Ontario Lottery Corporation and is really pushing expanded gaming there. He presents a new casino for the Metro Toronto area it as the Great Hope for Ontario. His recent Sunday chat with the CBC's Michael Enright on this subject strained the boundaries of credulity.

      I wonder if any of his papers will challenge him on his one-sided views?