Oak Ridge Boys perform slavery anthem for ailing Bush

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      I like a lot of crap, but I never liked the Oak Ridge Boys.

      I like ‘em even less since this clip turned up of the ORB serenading George HW Bush with “Amazing Grace”.

      The ailing former prez has been hospitalized since November with bronchitis, a condition that usually affects humans.

      ORB lead vocalist Duane Allen received a call from Barbara Bush explaining that the President had requested a private performance of the band’s super-annoying 1981 hit “Elvira”.

      According to the ORB’s Joe Bonsall, Allen convened his bandmates and they “blasted some ‘oom pop a mau mau’s’ in the direction of Houston, Texas.”

      They followed it up with “Amazing Grace”, which was written in the 18th century by John Newton—a slave trader.

      Ol ’41 was said to take on a healthy pink glow after the special performance. If you listen real close, you can actually hear him wheeze his approval.

      So there you go. Thanks for tuning in to this latest fascinating chapter in the history of white people in America!



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      Steve Newton

      Jan 4, 2013 at 11:44am

      hey, since when is Kenny Rogers, the guy in the grey shirt, one of the Oak Ridge Boys?

      Excuse me but....

      Jan 4, 2013 at 12:01pm

      If you do your research, the composer of "Amazing Grace" was a slave trader who went through a transformation, which is what "Amazing Grace" is all about. As with the reformation of Saul (who became Paul): "Twas blind, but now I see". It is NOT an anthem advocating slavery and frankly I'm offended that you would even suggest that. Next time do some research before you blow off steam in a public forum. (Duh - there's even a kids' book written on the subject....)