Often overlooked, Mount Fromme is a worthwhile North Shore hike

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      At first glance, Mount Fromme doesn’t exactly sound like the most appealing hiking destination.

      This peak on Vancouver’s North Shore bears the scars of heavy logging. It’s a mecca for local mountain bikers, and dozens of bike trails weave through its woods. And the hike itself involves some time on a gravel road.

      In Don’t Waste Your Time in the B.C. Coast Mountains, guidebook authors Kathy and Craig Copeland even give Mount Fromme a “don’t do” rating.

      Don’t be fooled. This hike is quite enjoyable.

      Now, most Vancouverites wouldn’t be able to pick Fromme out of a lineup, but it’s the forested peak directly east of Grouse Mountain. Fromme’s relatively low elevation means it can be done earlier in the season than other North Shore summits.

      One trailhead for this hike lies at the top of Prospect Road, which is reached via the north end of Lonsdale Avenue, in North Vancouver.

      On foot, you turn right after the water towers, then immediately left at the sign pointing out the route to the old Grouse Mountain Highway. The marked trail will lead you up the wooded slope, ignoring paths heading left and right, to the highway.

      Going left on the gravel road, you quickly find the start of the Per Gynt Trail at the next curve. When you emerge on the old highway again, you head left, continuing past a gravel pit and then looking for markers on the right indicating the upper section of the Per Gynt Trail.

      The steep trail takes you past a waterfall before depositing you on Mount Fromme’s 1,171-metre south summit. There are views of Crown Mountain, Mount Burwell, Mount Seymour, and Lynn Peaks—and even Mount Garibaldi in the distance.

      Fromme’s lower north summit, Senate Peak, lies across a steep-sided col, which has been too snowy to tackle on the two occasions I’ve done this hike.

      A few options are available for the descent, but the easiest thing do is retrace your steps. All in all, Mount Fromme is a pleasant 5.5-hour hike.

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      Ahmad Wasfi

      Jul 15, 2011 at 6:12pm

      It is indeed a nice trail and there is a nice scramble to reach its north summit. Here is a map of two possible approaches to the mountain: http://bit.ly/oMjws5 (move the cursor to the track to highlight it)


      Dec 17, 2013 at 1:16pm

      There are three trails to Mt Fromme summit, all leave from the Grouse Mountain road. Bill's Trail (aka Upper Per Gynt) is the easiest, it leaves the road near the big gravel pit and has a spur coming from the Lower Per Gynt. The other trail sometimes also called Upper Per Gynt that leaves the road further north, at a curve just before a stream, and is very steep but short. And the trail further north at the big switchback on the road, where you go north on a trail to Pipeline Pass, then turn right up to the summit, passing a small lake.


      May 10, 2014 at 7:07pm

      I can not for the life of me figure out why people do not like doing this hike! Is it because the views are limited or because of the mountain biking trails? I took a group of ten up there today and we found it to be really enjoyable. It was cloudy and a little rainy but the trail was not difficult until we got a little bit closer to the peak when it became steeper. It was a very enjoyable hike, the trail felt soft under our feet and quite beautiful. I will definitely go back to hike this gem.

      Peter Harnetty

      Aug 18, 2014 at 1:04pm

      The section of Per Gynt between the 6th bend (c.700m) and Upper Mountain Highway (c.820m) where it connects with Bill Trail has become difficult to find. I hiked it on 17 June 2014. Plaques are missing from the signpost at the start. I added a tape. Soon after, a new bike trail fooled me and I ended up pushing me was though bush just below a sign "Private Property: No Trespassing". I located Bill's Trail start soon after. Coming down, signpost for "Per Gynt" is visible, though bushy. I could follow the trail down but most metal markers are missing. I counted 2 down and 2 up. I added a few tapes and will return in early fall to re-mark this useful short trail. Bill's trail from Mountain Highway to Fromme Summit was in good shape. Be careful on the steep section from 1000m to 1100m. especially up to 1050m.

      Peter Harnetty

      Aug 18, 2014 at 3:34pm

      "...pushing me was..." should be "...pushing my way..." Sorry!

      I'd rate this trail "thumbs up".


      Aug 28, 2014 at 8:55pm

      Fromme is an awesome hike. I did it for the second time this year on Saturday with a large group of people and we loved it!!! On a clear day you have excellent views of the mountains to the north and Lynn Valley. I highly recommend this hike and it is now one of my favorites on the North Shore.