Ohio English teacher pens erotic novel, raises ire of local parents

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      According to the Huffington Post, Carol Ann Eastman, a high-school English teacher at North Canton, Ohio's Hoover High School, has stirred up some controversy for penning an erotic novel called Schooled.

      Schooled follows the frisky adventures of a teacher who discovers her husband is having extramarital affairs, and decides to turn the tables on him and engage in affairs of her own, some of which are with former students. The students in question seem to be taken straight from the board game Mystery Date and run the gamut from the dreamy, hunky football player to the shy, smart bookworm. According to the reader reviews on Amazon.com, it's recommended for anyone who enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey or Bared to You.

      Eastman, who has faced separate disciplinary action for using her school's technology for social networking, has come under fire since it was first made public that the steamy book was written under her pen name Deena Bright. Although she hasn't yet faced any fallout from this, Eastman has reportedly hired an attorney to combat any action that her school might take, as well any possible parental complaints.

      Check out the clip below for an Ohio news channel's take on the whole situation.



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      teacher's pet

      Dec 20, 2012 at 11:30am

      ...yes, but they are former students, isn't it? So, where's the scandal? Dear teacher, in that way it's toooo easy. It would be more intriguing if she was struggled with proibited attraction in class, during the lessons...