Potential TEDxVancouver attendees asked to “get creative” with application form

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      Celebrated for fascinating presentations delivered by A-list scientists, celebrities, and individuals of every vocation in between, the annual TED conference has long been the event for elitist smart-people types.

      And so it was with much excitement that in 2009, TED—short for Technology Entertainment and Design—announced that it would allow third parties to host “TEDx” events.

      In September, the New York Times reported that some 530 TEDx conferences had already taken place this year in over 60 countries, and another 750 were in the planning stages.

      One of those 750 is TEDxVancouver, which will actually be the second TEDx event hosted in B.C.

      Scheduled for November 27, TEDxVancouver promises handpicked speakers renowned for their “inspired thinking and world acclaimed accomplishments”, according to the event’s website.

      Want to see what all the fuss is about? Well, it’s not quite as simple as just buying a ticket.

      Those hoping to attend TEDxVancouver must fill out a lengthy application form, which is then submitted for review. Among the information TEDxVancouver’s looking for: “If a friend were to describe your accomplishments in three sentences or less, what would they say?”

      Here’s the complete list of questions a potential TEDxVancouver attendee has to answer, plus the conference’s “tips for application”.

      Basic Information:
      Ӣ First name
      Ӣ Last name
      Ӣ Gender
      Ӣ Date of birth
      Ӣ Job title/role
      Ӣ Primary role
      Ӣ Company / organization
      Ӣ Type of organization
      Ӣ What category best describes your organization's focus
      Your Contact information
      Ӣ Email address
      Ӣ Address
      Ӣ City
      Ӣ Country
      Ӣ Province/state
      Ӣ Phone number
      Tell us about yourself
      Ӣ If a friend were to describe your accomplishments in three sentences or less, what would they say?
      Ӣ What are you passionate about? (work, creative output, issues, communities, etc.)
      Ӣ List at least one website that will help us understand you better. (This can include personal blogs, photos or sites you just generally love to check out).
      Ӣ What do you hope to get out of this TEDx event?

      And to help you with all of that, TEDxVancouver’s “tips for application":

      Attending TED requires more than just your typical conference registration. We’re looking for strong contributors to the TEDxVancouver community and people who can offer ideas worth spreading.

      Here are a few tips to ensure you maximize your application for 2010.

      Ӣ Get creative. We give preference to the most inspired application ideas. This could be in the form of a web video, social media campaign or song. The more creative, the better.
      Ӣ Read the registration form first and pay special attention to the Tell Us About Yourself section, including accomplishments and connections to the community.
      Ӣ Consider keeping an offline copy of your responses, or email yourself if your browser allows this, before you submit your application.
      Ӣ If you have technical trouble or an error in submitting, contact us right away.

      Are you planning on submitting an application to attend TEDxVancouver?

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