Stoya isn't the only scene-stealer in Amanda Palmer's "Do It With a Rock Star"

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      Sometimes it’s the little things that push an already great video into instant-classic territory. That’s the case with the new Amanda Palmer clip for “Do It With a Rockstar”, the latest single off the controversial singer’s Top 10-worthy Theatre Is Evil.

      One could argue for hours about who takes home the most-entertaining-freak award in the video, which was partially helmed by Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne. Nominees include the trash-talking drag queens who get things started by riffing on everything from thirsty hair to unsightly moose knuckles to, appropriately enough, Amanda Palmer. (“She is fugly. The bitch doesn’t shave, and what is going on with those eyebrows?)

      Let’s also have a shut-out for the assorted Beardos, whose facial hair stylings pay tribute to iconic figures ranging from Abraham Lincoln to that PBR-marinated Williamsburg denizen on today’s edition of Look at This Fucking Hipster.

      How about a vote for the Mohawked, puffy-pirate-shirt-sporting drummer who is evidently of the opinion that there’s no better place to stuff a link of liverwurst than down the front of one’s pants.

      And let’s not forget Palmer herself, who sweats mascara, unapologetically flashes her matted armpit hair, and, in general, acts like the indisputably awesome Amanda Fucking Palmer.

      Worthy as all these nominees might be, it’s the curly-haired hipster chick (played by Adina Verson) in the homemade Pave-adoh shirt who gets the Georgia Straight music section’s vote for Best in Show. Talk about a virtuoso performance; impossibly, the best part isn’t even being when she starts to sputter “Do you know that she’s a Scientologist? And an able-ist. And she’s a Klan member. And she hates men—she hates women. She hates everything”. No, the best part is when she practically spits “We’re not going to see Amanda Pall-merr”. Seriously, it’s the kind of fucking gold that makes you want to hit reload as soon as the clip is over. Take a big bow Ms. Verson.

      If, somehow, that’s not enough to get you jacked for an instant-classic video for one of the best songs of the year, consider this: everyone’s favourite alabaster-skinned adult movie star, Stoya, pops up as a nerdy fan-girl. Not only that, but she ends up buck goddamned naked by the clip’s end. Thank you God, not to mention Stoya, Wayne Coyne, and Amanda Palmer, the latter proving without a doubt there are definite perks to being a rock star, namely that people want to do it with you. Even if Adina Verson doesn’t .

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