Conservative MP Marilyn Gladu resorts to anti-pot poetry in the House of Commons

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      Between spouting theories on communist revolutions and comparing cannabis to fentanyl, Conservative politicians are pulling out all the stops to try and convince both Canadians and the Senate that legalizing cannabis is a bad idea. 

      On Monday, Bill C-45 received final approval, passing a vote of 200 to 82. Just one Conservative MP voted for the bill. It has moved onto the Senate, where it was being debated in a second reading on Thursday. 

      This morning in question period at the House of Commons, former Georgia Straight Roach of the Week MP Marilyn Gladu (Sarnia-Lambton) came close to reclaiming her title for reciting an anti-pot poem filled with enough fear-mongering rhetoric and theatrical intonation to make viewers wonder whether she might be in a high-school drama class.

      Gladu called out the Liberal party for rushing the bill, predicted an influx in impaired-driving cases, and sounded the alarm to her Conservative counterparts in the Senate, asking them to hold up the bill.

      We'll save you the gag-inducing video.

      Read Marilyn Gladue's anti-pot poem below:

      Mr. Speaker, I want to protest an ill thought out bill that is passing through parliament here on the hill.

      The bill that is bad is called C-45. It has so many flaws, it just shouldn't survive.

      The Grits will allow four pot plants in each dwelling, regardless of how bad each place will be smelling.

      With mold, ventilation, as issues unplanned, this bill will not keep pot from our children's hand.

      There are more new infractions within this new rule, that our courts will be flooded as will every school.

      With drug-impaired driving, and challenges there, the doubling of traffic deaths, and Liberals don't care!

      The provinces and police in every town, have all asked the Liberals to slow this bill down.

      With nearly 200 more days left 'til the day, nobody but our party stands in the way.

      We hope that the Senate will do its true deed, and keep our good country safe from the weed. 

      If you're as irked by Gladu's desperation as we are, submit your best poetic response in the comments below.