Former anti-marijuana Conservative MP Gary Goodyear finds employment in cannabis industry

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      A second acolyte of ex-PM Stephen Harper is cashing in on the medical-cannabis business.

      The Ontario-based Cambridge Times has reported that former Conservative MP Gary Goodyear is vice president of research at Aleafia Total Health Network.

      As a parliamentarian, Goodyear spoke out in favour of Harper's tough-on-marijuana legislation.

      Goodyear even said that penalties were not serious enough against people who profited from grow-ops.

      Now, he's singing a different tune about the demon weed.

      "In the past 15 months, I've had two very close friends who have had significant benefits, and one of them was quite remarkable," the former Cambridge MP told his hometown newspaper.

      Goodyear is employed by the same medical-cannabis company that's chaired by former Conservative MP and cabinet minister Julian Fantino.

      Fantino is a former Toronto police chief who was once one of Canada's loudest proponents of the war on drugs.

      Goodyear, a trained chiropractor, was the minister of state for science and technology in the Harper government.

      In this position back in 2009, the Christian politician refused to reveal if he believed in Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.

      At the time, Goodyear also wouldn't say if he was a creationist, though this was widely suspected.