Video: VPD asks for help identifying suspect in violent robbery of Vancouver cannabis dispensary

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      Vancouver police have released a video of an aggressive robbery that occurred on Victoria Drive last November.

      The footage captured by a security camera shows a young male charging into a Weeds Glass and Gifts marijuana dispensary. He did not brandish a weapon but physically assaulted two employees.

      “After a brief conversation with a female staff member, the video shows the robber jumping onto the counter, assaulting the employee, and stealing product from the shelves. He then allegedly assaults a second staff member just outside of the store as he flees.”

      A March 7 media release states that despite the high-quality video and photographs of the man who committed the robbery, the VPD has not been able to identify him. The force is therefore releasing the video and asking for the public’s assistance to locate him.

      Security footage captured at a Weeds Glass and Gifts marijuana dispensary on November 4, 2017.
      Vancouver Police Department

      “We believe the high quality of the video will lead to someone recognizing him, and we’re asking them to call our investigators or Crime Stoppers,” said VPD Constable Jason Doucette quoted in the release.

      “The suspect was described as medium- to dark-skinned, 19 to 25 years-old, 5’10” to 5’11” tall, with an athletic build, shaved dark hair, brown eyes, and dark eyebrows.”

      Dispensary robberies haven't been as much of a problem in Vancouver, although another Weeds Glass and Gifts, on Main Street, was robbed in January 2015 and a Stressed and Depressed shop on East 41st Avenue was held up in October 2017.

      Vancouver's storefront dispensaries like the one robbed on November 4 are illegal under federal law. However, that could soon change with Canada on track to legalize recreational-cannabis sales before the end of this year.