The most Canadian diagram ever: Health Canada uses hockey rink to illustrate cannabis grow area

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      For months, growers and industry members have been dying to know what standard the government might use to define a "micro-cultivator".

      Today, in a summary of feedback to the federal government's public consultation on cannabis, Health Canada revealed the proposed threshold with a nifty little diagram.

      Based on feedback from respondents, government objectives, and existing legislation in U.S. states with similar licensing categories, the federal government is proposing that growers who are granted micro-cultivation licences be authorized to grow in a plant canopy area of no more than 200 square meters, or approximately 2,150 feet. 

      It's hard to imagine what 200 square meters looks like, so instead of forcing us to use our imaginations, Health Canada relied on a piece of imagery all too familiar to (most) Canadians: A standard North American sized hockey rink.

      Naturally, responses to this choice of art from members of the cannabis industry and the media did not disappoint.