Announcing Straight Cannabis: Our new website highlights Canada's growing industry

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      Today (April 20), on arguably one of the most important days of the year for the cannabis community, the Georgia Straight is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new website.

      We’ve been covering the diversity of voices in Canada’s cannabis scene since our inception in 1967, and with a renewed focus on the beat as of early 2017, we’re excited to launch Straight Cannabis.

      As Vancouver’s longest-running independent weekly newspaper, the Straight has been able to take a unique approach to covering not just Canada’s burgeoning cannabis industry, but also the activism at the forefront of the fight for legalization. Our new canna-focused site will continue to bring you all the news, lifestyle, and health-related stories you’ve come to expect for the Straight, along with features that will help familiarize readers with different cannabis varieties, characteristics, and more.

      A special thanks to our in-house web team for their expertise, and also to Enid Chen and Adolofo Gonzalez at Connekta Design Solutions for helping us conceptualize our idea. As we move forward, readers will be able to find cannabis-related stories on both and our new site, This quiet launch is just the beginning, as we intend to diversify the way in which we cover this beat very soon.

      If you’re down at Sunset Beach today, look for the Straight cannabis team, editor Amanda Siebert and writer Piper Courtenay, who will be wearing Straight t-shirts and handing out Straight Cannabis stickers.

      Watch for coverage from 4/20 today, and stay tuned for daily updates on what is proving to be a very exciting time for cannabis in Canada.