After 4/20, Vancouver park board announces closure of Sunset Beach Park field for up to 10 weeks

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      The 4/20 festivities are over for another year in Vancouver.

      This means it's time to cue the post-party debate between the organizers and the park board over how much damage has occurred.

      Prior to this year's 4/20 protest and farmers market at Sunset Beach, cannabis activist Dana Larsen assured the public that the field wouldn't suffer nearly as much damage as last year.

      He said that's because turf-protecting panels would help preserve vegetation. 

      However by the end of the night, Larsen was acknowledging "some grass damage", but nowhere near as many problems as last year.

      Early this morning, Larsen tweeted that the park was "garbage-free now".

      Today, the Vancouver park board is singing a different tune.

      In a tweet this morning, the rulers over Vancouver's green space have declared that "there is still event debris" on the field.

      Moreover, the board said over Twitter that the field will be closed "for up to 10 weeks".

      "We wll erect fencing and close field for major rehabilitation today," the tweet added.

      There's no word yet on how much the park board intends to bill the 4/20 organizers for any work it's doing at the site.