Was Vancouver park board's reaction to 4/20 overblown? It's a common view on social media

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      The sun hadn't been out for very long today when the Vancouver park board declared that the field at Sunset Beach Park was in terrible shape following 4/20.

      Blue fencing was being put up.

      This was accompanied by an ominous warning that the popular recreation area might remain closed for 10 weeks.

      The park board chair, Stuart Mackinnon, described the situation as a "troubling loss of park space".

      He's one of the four commissioners who voted last year to prohibit cannabis-related events in local parks and at beaches under the board's jurisdiction.

      Not surprisingly, the park board's response to 4/20 has caused an eruption from the cannabis community over social media.

      One of the 4/20 organizers, Dana Larsen, pulled out photos from April 14, which showed the field was somewhat flooded and appearing in need of rehabilitation.

      Jodie Emery flatly declared that the park was not destroyed by 4/20 and alleged that the board is lying.

      "Our beautiful park is still green thanks to our nonprofit volunteers' hard work and $30,000 that we raised for flooring to protect it," she tweeted. "The Park Board is the only reason the park is closed."

      Another veteran of the cannabis-liberation movement, Jeremiah Vandermeer, tweeted the photo below to support his argument that the field is in decent shape.

      Here are some of the other comments on Twitter: